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  • Forms Backend With Built-In Encryption
  • Integrated Lead Routing To Your CRM
  • GDPR/CCPA Visitor Check API
  • Bot Detection API


Free and Responsive HTML Form Templates

TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, Bulma, and More. Dark + Light Themes. Save hours of work with predefined form templates.

Send email from react

Send emails right from your react/nextjs app via a simple HTTP call. Perfect for static sites with a bit of dynamic functionality or custom forms with data enrichment.

react contact form

React contact form

Build React contact form that emails submissions right to your inbox -- 100% free and without server code. Ready to use code example with react hooks and tailwindcss.

How to Build an HTML Form That Sends You an Email

Create an HTML form that sends you an email. Set up email notifications, bot prevention, and forward to your own CMS.

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  • Automatic Monitoring For Your Website Traffic Changes
  • Track Conversions, SEO Searches, Holidays, And More
  • Realtime And Daily Alerts

SEO alert tracker

SEO alert tracker

With the Search traffic change alert, you can monitor your website's organic traffic changes and get notified when something unusual happens.

Google Analytics realtime alerts

Google Analytics realtime alerts

Get notified when your website traffic spikes or drops significantly. Monitor your website's performance in real-time.

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  • 24/7 multi-country Google Search monitoring.
  • Discover competitors taking your customers.
  • Recover thousands of $ every month. Automate the process.


What is PPC Brand Bidding?

PPC brand bidding involves bidding for brand terms of a third-party, usually a competitor so that people who type in those brand terms will be directed to your site instead of the competitor.

What to do when competitors bid on your brand keyword?

The main question remains meaningful in 2022 - what should you do if a competitor bids on your brand term?

How to prevent competitors from bidding on my brand?

If you came here looking for a definite answer: you can't prevent brand bidding. However, there are still some things you could do...


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